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Some wonderful Gift Ideas for $20          WOW!

If looking for inexpensive gifts for a special dog/horse lover, check out the pages that display these items.  Wonderful ideas for  you  dogsitter, dogwalker, veterinarian, vet tech, groomer, dog show handler, breeder, or wonderful dog loving friend!  Everyone has  a dog loving friend that they need an inexpensive gift for!.......

Go to the grey area on top, and find the navigation buttons that corrsponds with these products!

Check out our :

Handpainted pins $20

Earrings....$15 to $20   

Crystal necklaces...bone or pawprint $20


Hairclips....leather/pewter....$20  (pawprints or dog)

Stirrup necklace...$20

Adorable Enamel dog pendant...$20  (large!)

Magnets....$6  (see magnet page for other designs)

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