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Sharpei Jewelry

In honor to our dedicated sharpei customers,  we have dedicated a whole page to our shar-pei giftware!  Below are some of designs available in sharpei.  All our castings are available in plain brushed pewter, or painted in any color of sharpei.  Also available in both headstudy and full body.


Knot necklace...$60  (most popular item!)...classic and simple with expensive look!


New!  Crystal bow Necklace in silver or gold

Gaiting medallion....$45...another favorite!!!...sporty for everyday wear!  Comes on leather cord.


Earrings....$30   New!

Don't let this be you!!!

This new gift item is being made just in time for the sharpei Nationals, and will be available for order , after the nationals in September.  Beautiful Black clock with brass findings.  Has pretty red face on clock, giving it an oriental flair...and has the signs of the chinese horoscopes (ram, dog, Horse, etc).  At the top is mounted a gorgeous, solid pewter Sharpei, which has been handpainted. Beautiful rendition of this breed and a work of art.   Clock measures approx 21 inches high and 11 inches across.  Runs on batteries.

Handpainted Sharpei pieces....

Sporting Medallions....$45..with painted sharpei

Large headstudy pin...$20                               Jewelry Box....$36

Beaded Necklaces ~ $50



Crystal pendants~ $50



Also available in Paw Print...."Sharpei Rule!"

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